early skullheadworld part six – mobile performance

my goodness! you are reading more about skulls shooting skulls at skulls.  thanks for visiting!

so far in this series of blog posts i've been sharing the dirty origins of skullheadworld.  as i write it is spring 2019 and we're still talking about what went down in spring 2017.

at this time a good friend lent me a nexus one for a bit and i used it to do some performance testing.


here we can see the floating joystick. that's still pretty much how it works today on touchscreen devices.  a physical analog controller will always be better but this works alright.


i had implemented the death cam by this point, which took dramatic shots when game was over.  coupled with unity's interesting default zoom-in-portrait mode camera, it is really getting a closer look at things.


the heart hud got removed pretty quick, as it was becoming apparent that this game is not a roguelike rpg.


around this time it was decided that scores should only be displayed at game over, to keep player focused on not getting bonked into by other skulls.  of course later playtesters demanded a hud, but that's a story for a future post.


this was the dawn of a long battle i had with unity regarding jitter and synchronizing procedural animations with interpolated physics.  i was trying all kinds of hacks to get them in sync- the solution in place now was not available in unity at the time.


hope you enjoyed these old screenshots of mayhem from an early mobile performance test.  i'll post some more ancient skullheadworld images soon!



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