early skullheadworld part five – perspective and shaders

welcome to another post full of pictures from the early days of skullheadworld development!

we're still way back in the early days at this point- this wasn't even a full time project yet. lots more to share.  so let's get started.


i can see a bunch of bugs in that picture with the ant necks.  and some hearts on the scene finally. but mostly what is new and exciting is the perspective camera.  it was definitely a bit disorienting and over the top.


here's one of the first sightings of this big bad guy.  he started out with a pretty lame gun.  but his crown and stance were already setting him apart from everyone else.


i've been making videogames a long time. some of the first platforms i worked on were windows 95 and gameboy color. but somehow i'd been pigeonholed into other areas of programming when the whole shader revolution happened. so i was pretty excitied to get to write some of my own for skullhead world.


some of the first shaders i experimented with were just additive blend shaders.  i wanted my translucencies to glow.

above you can see one of my first experiments with additive blending.  it probably looks like nothing special, but it opened the doors to some of the wacky stuff i do with shaders now.


it's subtle but bubs became more ethereal and sparks are more glowy.

spider fight

and when they pile up, it all ads up to a while blob.    that first attempt at spiders sure had funny legs, too.


and here the spiders are big and grown up and there are all sorts of translucent things being rendered all glowy.  and a new font.  it's starting to play and feel like a videogame, too.

killer wolf - cropped

have fun!  i will show you more origins of skullheadworld soon!



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