Our Approach

Our Approach

one guy does everything. sometimes he gets his friends to play the game and provide feedback.

Our Story

Our Story

the original concept for skullheadworld was presented to me in a single sentence by my friend's son, who was about 5 at the time.

"jeremy! i have an idea for a game.  it is called skullheadworld and you are a skull and you have a shotgun and you shoot skulls at other skulls."

this is that game.

Meet the Team

it's just one guy


jeremy evers

guy who does stuff

jeremy is dumb enough to spend 20 years making videogames professionally and then keep doing it on his own.  he also likes skateboarding and snowboarding and beer and burritos and playing bass guitar.

special thanks

for valuable feedback and input

  • aaron arndt
  • luis arvizu
  • scott bristow
  • jeff burkett
  • michael celli
  • rhys dewsbury
  • kathy evers
  • michael evers
  • paul evers
  • mike ferraro
  • sam flores
  • troels gramme
  • francis griffiths-keam
  • cisca harrison
  • david innes
  • eleanor innes
  • stephen johnson
  • warren johnson
  • aidan johnston
  • steven johnston
  • michael kozlowski
  • ryan lee
  • warren lee
  • nick letizia
  • peter lolley
  • jason malysh
  • travis manning
  • tavis mccallum
  • tyler mcculloch
  • mike mcclean
  • richard orth
  • jon parkins
  • seth powell
  • kyle rocha
  • michelle rocha
  • jim spoto
  • dustin sutherland
  • larry waldron
  • steven wrinch

and so many others that continue to inspire