early skullheadworld part four – bugs and guts

hey there!

i have more weird pictures of skulls being mean to other skulls.  but first we can take a peek behind the curtain and see that we are dealing with a totally flat skullheadworld at this point in the series of development screenshots- which chronologically over a year ago.

scene view

ok so it is 3d, even if the planet is flat.  no real secret there.  i am betting this is what you are really here for- art that is the result of procedural stuff gone a bit mad.  this next one is still the desktop of one of my machines.


total chaos.  way too many things.  sorting errors galore.  super fun.

more midair shells

i always wanted a bit of pinball feel.  i love it when things light up as they bonk into each other. or take damage.  i drew another skull sprite with less shading to swap for a few frames and now things have more impact.


there were some ill-conceived and complicated particle system behaviors then, like that trail of sparks in the direction of the damage.  that's all been optimized away in the great particle system refactor.

get off my lawn

finally i decided to give up on the bizarre short range gun mechanic and build some much needed projectiles.  they went through many iterations- this initial method was simply a raycast in space each frame per projectile.


thanks for reading!  have a good one!



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