early skullheadworld part seven – the eyes

welcome back!


i know you want to  see more stuff so let's get to it!

this post will carry us into early 2018.

one of thing that needed to happen was communicating to the player what the invaders are thinking.  the eyes were already being used to convey health, but i wanted them to also show intent.


they lit up like a pinball machine, but they weren't expressive.  pretty vacant.  i tried a lot of things to improve that, and most were not good.  here's some noteable attempts:

what are you looking at

sweet!  you can see what they are thinking.  but, it's hard to see their health.  and they don't have eyelids so that stare becomes a bit odd.


ok now i can see their health, but they don't look so much like skulls any more.


after looking back at older character designs, i decided to black out the whites, and make the pupils convey both health and direction.

this a compromise for sure, they are not as expressive or empathetic as the more mammal eyes- but the skull factor is back where i wanted it to be.


thanks for looking!



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