early skullheadworld part eight – album covers

you're back!

let's look at some more pictures from 2018!

album cover

this is what i am talking about.  a freaking album cover.  here we can see a lot of new stuff.  the background shader has evolved to trim the edges and give the illusion of curvature.  there are stars in the background too!

album insert

this one is ready for the album insert.  you can see the spherical gradient on the planet a bit better too.

t shirt

another gratuitous zoomed out shot, you can see a shadow beneath the planet.  one single pass shader draws the planet background with all the debris and the halo that surrounds it.

planet halo

an early attempt at the planet's halo.  looks better than the shadow but there is still a soft edge that does not quite look right...


a bit more iteration on the halo, now it's too subtle.


finally a hard edge above the halo.  much better!

player satisfaction thursday

this one is a personal favorite.

broken hiscore hilights

eventually i modified my shader to let debris hang off the edge of the planet to give it a lumpy edge.  also due to prodding from ryan lee, i made a new shader to transform the stars in the background into other skull planets.


thanks for viewing these old photos of the development of skullheadworld!



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