hello from skullheadworld!


i'm jeremy.  skullheadworld is a videogame that i have been making for a few years now.

action close up

it's a single-stick battle royale.  the players' skulls defend skullheadworld from waves of increasingly weird skulls, collecting skulls, using them as shields or flushing them for upgrades and new weapons.  bullets are also skulls.  everything is skulls.  except the toilet.

single stick controls mean relaxed gaming sessions, no button mashing.  your skull will hit or stab or shoot or burn or whatever invading skulls you point it at.  let it do the work. you worry about staying alive.



unrelated bullet points:

  • characters to unlock
  • weapons to swap or upgrade
  • survival game typically lasts less than 30 minutes
  • fluid procedural animation
  • realtime synthesized audio
  • up to 6 players local multiplayer on supported platforms

i will get into more details in upcoming posts.  thanks for reading!



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